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Do you know how to clean the ventilation pipe?
Classification :common problemDATE:2017-08-15

With the industrialization of urbanization continue to advance, the various sectors of the ventilation pipe, to withstand the dust and dust pressure increasing, to the ventilation pipe clean-up work to increase the pressure. So, how should the ventilation pipe be cleaned? Ventilation pipe cleaning process mainly includes the following points.

         First, the equipment for maintenance, cleaning duct and inlet and outlet, check the ventilation pipe connection is reliable; whether the valve leakage.

         Followed by sub-cleaning ventilation pipes, cleaning fan and inlet and outlet. In the process of cleaning the duct, the operator is strictly prohibited to enter the duct inside the clean-up work, should use a professional cleaning equipment, the pipeline visible pollutants effectively transported to the specified device.

         Finally, after the completion of the cleaning work, the demolition of the outlet to re-install, pay attention to the connection of the pipeline, adjust the amount of air; also check the quality of the equipment, ventilation pipe overall connectivity to ensure the normal work of the pipeline. But also pay attention to do a detailed cleaning records, so that the daily maintenance of equipment and the next clean-up work.